Simply Enabling The Buying & Selling Of More Cars, Motorcycles & Automotive Vehicles & Giving Control To The Auto Car Dealer Company Owners Over The Listing & Marketing Of Its Vehicles …

Take A Look At The Amazing Features Of This Amazing Car & Automotive Sales Digital Platform

Explore Some Of The Business Enhancing Features Of This Business Boosting System.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Experience complete and full access to the platform using any internet enabled device [Mobile Phone, Tablet, Desktop Computer, Laptop] and use on the go as the platform has been designed to be fully responsive.

Front End Website

A beautifully designed and pleasing to the eye website will be configured and installed for you with some very advanced features such as sliders, forms, etc. to attract customers ready to buy direct from your automotive company.

Backend Dashboard

The professionally developed system comes with an automated backend dashboard that enables you as the business owners to stay up to date with your leads and cars database.

Professional System Attributes & Core features

Take charge of the company’s internet presence and list vehicles at will, make changes as you please and dominate your local automotive sales marketplace …

Simple Interface For Listing Of Vehicles

After the initial configuration and setup in order to showcase the inventory of the business it will be as easy as filling out a form and adding in the image to add a car for sale in the system. The system has been designed for the auto dealer in mine with all internal functions being simple to use and user friendly.

Mutiple Dealer Listings

For those businesses that happen to have multiple locations, the sophisticated Auto Deal Car Listings Digital Marketing solutions enables the segmentation of the listings that emanate from the differing locations.

The system is not just for listing cars for sale, used to its full potential provides the functionality for companies to use the platform to communicate directly by sending out emails to interested potential purchasers about new cars, offers, deals and more. In fact anything related to your business, once installed you decide !

Complete Image & Video Gallery Detailed Listings

Use multiple images from different angles and viewpoints to showcase each listing, also make use of a video description to really enhance each individual listing and raise the chances for the sales of every vehicle.

Take Control Of The Company’s Automotive Advertising & Marketing & List As Many Cars, Motorcycles & Vans As One Desires

Forget worrying about paying for each individual vehicle listing, with a dedicated car listing solution and platform installed and configured for your company, you can afford to list whichever vehicles you desire, even choosing to keep live those cars, motorcycles, vans or caravans that have already been sold in order to maximise customer interaction and interest in your car sales business.

Due to the individual listings fees the freedom to listings for each and every vehicle is something that is seen to hold car sales showrooms back; AutoShowcasing’s car sales solutions will allow your business to dominate the local car sales market place when customers are able to view samples all of the cars, motorcycles, vans & caravans that are available for purchasing.

Aside from the monthly ongoing software update and hosting fees there will be no commissions to pay to any third party sales website, no limit on the amount of vehicles that you wish to list and depending on the strategy of the auto used car dealer company you have at your disposal a powerful AutoTrader type software platform that can be used to increase your revenues by bringing in new customers or simply by partnering with local dealers and allowing them to register and display their vehicles on your very own Auto Car Trader website.

Easily Add Vehicle Listings

Overview Of The Vehicle Listings Marketing Platform

The comprehensive and easy to navigate platform is appropriately sectioned and accessible from the left hand menu which then provides sub menu items for completion. We have Cars, Profiles, Packages, Dealers, Widgets, Blogging & News Articles, Pages & Menus as well as Systems Settings.

The automotive business owner now has at their disposal complete control over showcasing the automotive stock that it has for sale all with one monthly systems maintenance fee enuring your car sales business will never have to pay again for each individual vehicle listing.

Functionality To Add Multiple Dealers

With the high level of professional functionality that the Used Cars Vehicle Listings platform gives to the business owner, now the company is able to create Dealer Listings based on the different locations of its business units. This enables segmented vehicle listings so that the company can gain an overall view of which locations are performing in terms of sales, enquiries and overall interaction.

Now the local used car dealer is able to dominate a particular location through its vehicle listings within varying locations, also – if the business strategy is in line with this underlying functionality of the platform; local dealers of individuals vehicle sellers are able to list their cars, vans, caravans, boats or any other motor vehicle for sale for a fixed fee thereby opening up another income stream for the automotive dealer company in question.

Manage Featured Listings

Showcase the vehicles that you wish to sell quickly by using the featured listings facility, readily rotate certain vehicles to ensure that you maximise exposure and therefore generate high levels of sales and income.

Auto Dealership Blogging

Join the auto dealership blogging revolution by creating and manipulating blog posts that will be indexed and referenced within the search engines, educate customers, boost publicity and grow revenues.

Configure Multiple Widgets

Use the widgets functions of the vehicle listings platform to arrange which pieces of data and information you wish to be seen by the viewers and in which order, easily create and disable widgets at will.

Digital Marketing For Automotive Dealerships

A part of the ongoing’s service offering is that of the promotion, marketing and advertising of the car dealer and automotive showroom business. The two main components of this are divided into 1) Search Engine Marketing & 2) Social Media Marketing.

The Search Engine Marketing aspect of the program works to ensure that you car dealer website is found within the major search engines; Social Media Marketing puts your company in the conversation when it comes to 

Add Another Stream Of Income To Your Business

Let’s say your Auto Car Dealer business is located where there happens to be lots of smaller car sales outlets that maybe do not have the marketing budget or wherewithal to develop their own business website and marketing programs. You with the facilities that the platform deliver will be able to offer listing services to those smaller businesses as well as to individuals.

From within the admin panel one is able to not only decide on the type of advertising packages that can be signed up for but; also to set the pricing in order to bring in extra interest to your business website which will provide the opportunities for up sells, cross selling all leading to revenue generation, business growth and more satisfied customers. With your car sales business looking like a national operation and generating revenues from local dealers, members of the public and via the company’s main vehicle sales the sky is the limit regarding where you wish to take your car sales business.

Fully Mobile Optimised

From the users and those searching for vehicles point of view, we know that more and more people are accessing the internet using their mobile devices to search, compare and make purchasing decisions and this is not just related to motor vehicles of course. It is with this point in mind that the vehicles listings sales platform comes into its own by providing full mobile smart phone devices search, viewing and listings options.

Manage the vehicle listings wherever there is an internet connection whilst using any mobile phone, device or tablet computer – now the AutoTrader car sales dealer is able to say, view a vehicle in another town, agree on the purchase and from the convenience of utilising one’s mobile phone quickly and easily take images of the vehicle, log in to their customised version of the Autoshowcasing platform; list the vehicle for sale and even choose to showcase the car for sale using the featured listings facility. And all with no additional fees to pay as our fixed monthly maintainence fee allows for limitless listings.

… It is with this point in mind that the Autoshowcasing vehicles listings sales platform comes into its own by providing full mobile smart phone devices search, viewing and listings options.

With Even More Incredible Features To Take Note Of …

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Other Features & Functionality That Are Designed Into This Car & Autos Listing Digital Platform.

Highly Customizable
Create custom car types, custom fields, manufacturers and models.

Embed Videos
Embed YouTube or Vimeo videos for your cars to display the detailed information

Email Marketing
Send bulk email about cars, deals, offers etc. to your staff, customers, leads, etc.

SEO support
SEO friendly URLs and customizable meta text and keywords for your pages.

Easy Backups
Don’t loose your valuable data. With a click of a button you can backup everything.

Unlimited Options
This software has it all. Contact us today and we can show you a demo.

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